World-class experts on cold-formed thin-walled steel structures give lectures in Worthington Modern


On March 13, 2019, Professor Xu Lei, PhD supervisor and world-class expert of cold-formed thin-walled steel structure at Waterloo University, Canada, and Dean of Worthington Light Steel Technology Research and Development Institute of Modern Steel Structure, returned to the Design Institute to teach a "public lesson" on cold-formed thin-walled steel structure residence for Worthington  Modern Technology Staff.

In class, Professor Xu Lei showed us several typical projects of multi-storey cold-formed thin-walled steel structures in various countries in the world.For example, the Worthington project of the world's highest multi-storey cold-formed light steel building,Located in Cleveland, Ohio, 9-storey cold-formed light steel residential + 3-storey H-shaped steel garage;The 8-storey Cold-formed Light Steel Holiday Hotel in Washington, USA.

Professor Xu Lei not only shares with us many kinds of multi-storey cold-formed thin-walled steel structure construction projects, but also shows us a scientific research data which has been proved by foreign experiments:1. Through tracing and sampling of 15 light steel residences in different areas and environments by British Iron and Steel Corporation, the test results show that the corrosion rate of galvanized components in light steel residences does not exceed 0.1 micron in three years.2. Canadian tests of a 20-year-old light steel residential building in Ontario show that the galvanized components in the house are almost rustless:

Professor Xu Lei not only pointed out the advantages of durability of cold-formed galvanized light steel residence, but also analyzed another characteristic of multi-storey cold-formed galvanized light steel residence for us.The lateral force of the elevator shaft is used to reduce the lateral displacement of the structure under horizontal loads. At the same time, the material is saved and the cost is reduced.

Professor Xu Lei has been engaged in the analysis, design and research of steel structures for many years. Hot-rolled and cold-formed thin-walled steel structures have been studied in depth, especially in the design of cold-formed thin-walled steel residential buildings and the formulation of codes.Professor Xu Lei is an important member of the compilation team of the National Industry Standard JGJ/T 421-2018, J2589-2018, issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of the People's Republic of China on September 12, 2018 and implemented on January 1, 2019.Professor Xu Lei has provided strong theoretical and technical support for Worthington Modern Light Steel Construction Project and escorted Worthington Modern Global Project.